Zocialized Logo

About Zocialized

Zocialized launched in 2011 as a flirty social network. A place to meet people nearby, make new friends, find members looking to Kik, find a date, create and vote on polls, and more. It was open to anyone 14 or older and kept free of adult content.

Zocialized Age Challenges

A challenge with Zocialized was separating teens from adults. A lot of work was involved in providing a system to hide 14-16 year olds from members 18 and older and vise versa. This worked well but was not a perfect solution since parents were unable to friend their children or monitor their activity.

Zocialized Rapid Growth

Zocialized was relatively slow growing initially. It wasn't until a year or two later that it exploded with growth. Part of the boost in growth was due to Mocospace temporarily closing their forums. Mocospace members were seeking an alternative place and decided upon Zocialized.

Zocialized Theft & Impersonation

In 2014 a former member of Zocialized stole the site logo and put up their own community pretending to be the official Zocialized. Be aware that the real Zocialized has been gone since 2014.

Zocialized Stats

In 2014 Zocialized reached 300k members. In an effort to simplify things and reduce hosting expenses both Zocialized and KrackSocial were shut down. Members of those sites were asked to join MyInkedSpace if they didn't already have an account. Zocialized was the most active but was the smallest contributor to funding server expenses.

Zocialized Termination

The Zocialized domain name was let go in 2016.