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Sep. 23
Milwaukee, WI
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I'm the site creator! ![]( _**Drink up!**_

The last show I bing watched
Watching La Brea now: Before that I was watching The Goldbergs. I kinda lost interest this season with the father booted from the show and it already didn't help that the grandpa actor had died. One day I'll binge the rest when the show is finally done. And before that I binged Just Shoot Me!


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I got 2 for you. One for you and one is just DELICIOUS...... something you have to try if you haven't yet. I have to do that one second though.
Inked 47/M
2d ago
@ForbiddenPassions That rum is real? I need to spend more time in the alcohol section of stores. I'm missing out on all kinds of stuff.
@Inked a lot of times stuff will only come out seasonally and you'll only see it if you go in the store yourself lol. But you don't really have to buy pre made shit I made my own bar here a cpl years ago (nothing great since the space i had was small) but I had nded up learning a lot of different drink recipes. Shit a kid I used to make this drink out of hot balls (not liquor obviously) but just use your imagination worth whatever you like and make it up
Inked 47/M
2d ago
@ForbiddenPassions I should buy pre made and then I can start collecting the cool bottles lol
@Inked I was doing that lol.
@Inked I absolutely HATE vodka. It trays like rubbing alcohol to me. I hate it and I bought the kinky just for the bottle to just sit on my little diy bar. Lol
I still can't comment on your status. I even followed the arrow which brought me to the status on your page and then it still showed the error when I tried
Inked 47/M
1d ago
@ForbiddenPassions I'm seeing the error now. I'm looking into it now.
Inked 47/M
1d ago
@ForbiddenPassions It's fixed. Let me know if you run into it anywhere else. It's because by default the template engine formats numbers so now that we're over 1k it tries to make id's with a comma. I think I've fixed every place but possible I've missed some.
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