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About KrackSocial

KrackSocial launched in 2011 as a social network for anyone 18 and older. A social network without children on it and a way to meet girls and guys nearby, make some new friends, find dates, chat, and much more. It was stricter than a porn site but far less strict than Facebook. Nudity was permitted on the site, including sexual nudity.

KrackSocial Rapid Growth

After the launch, KrackSocial quickly became more active than MyInkedSpace. Many MyInkedSpace members had joined for the community and not specifically for the tattoos. Since KrackSocial was more of an adult-nature it attracted new members much more easily than tattoos.

KrackSocial Name + Google

KrackSocial was named after a member saying about MyInkedSpace. Some members would say "this place is crack", referring to how addicting MyInkedSpace was. Google was not fond of the name. In fact, Google actually rejected the Android application and specifically stated it was because of the name.

KrackSocial Stats

By 2014 KrackSocial had reached 225k members. In an effort to simplify things and reduce hosting expenses both Zocialized and KrackSocial were shut down. Members of those sites were asked to join MyInkedSpace if they didn't already have an account.

KrackSocial Termination

KrackSocial was shutdown in 2014 and members were asked to join MyInkedSpace if they didn't already have an account. The KrackSocial name was used a couple times since but eventually let go in 2020.