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Any Shut Down Communities That Need a New Home?

5 replies 26d ago by Inked
Know of any social communities that have shut down and people are looking for a new home?

POF Redesigned and More Things Put Behind Paywalls

0 replies 27d ago by Inked
Plenty of Fish is a dating app that has recently gone through a redesign and imposes more limitations on free accounts.

Elon Musk Offer To Buy Twitter Again At Original Offer

7 replies 29d ago by Inked
Twitter will be bought by Elon Musk? We shall see. Read latest updates.

YouTube Might Be Taking 4K Quality Away

0 replies 53d ago by Inked
If you don't pay for YouTube Premium you may be losing access to 4K quality videos.

Twitter Hires Army of FBI Agents

0 replies 54d ago by Inked
Twitter plans to conduct ubiquitous Big Brother censorship on its platform.

UN Secretary for Global Comms says Google Manipulates Search Results

0 replies 54d ago by Inked
Google is manipulating search results to push climate change according to UN Secretary.

Advertisers Leaving Twitter Over Their Ads Appearing Next to Child Porn

0 replies 56d ago by Inked
Several advertisers have suspended their business relationships with Twitter after it was revealed that their ads appeared next to child porn.

Facebook Continues Spying For FBI

0 replies 60d ago by Inked
Facebook and the FBI are clearly best buddies.

Elon Musk’s latest court filing alleges fraud by Twitter

0 replies 67d ago by Inked
Updated legal filing that includes information from former Twitter executive who turned whistleblower.

TikTok Influencer Says He was Offered $400 to Make Anti-Trump Propaganda

0 replies 68d ago by Inked
Influencer and attorney Preston Moore claimed in one of his videos that he was offered $400 to spread false information about President Trump.

Texas court upholds law prohibiting censorship of social networking sites

0 replies 68d ago by Inked
Texas residents can sue social media if they ban, block, remove or discriminate against their posts.

Do you think dating sites should allow nudity?

1 replies 70d ago by Inked
Are dating sites too restrictive when it comes to showing skin?

Facebook spied on private messages of Americans who questioned 2020 election

0 replies 71d ago by Inked
Facebook spies on private messages and reports non-illegal content to the FBI.

Companies are removing Facebook login option

0 replies 76d ago by Inked
No more Facebook login for some major company websites, see which ones.

Do you think dating sites are full of fake people?

0 replies 77d ago by Inked
Are dating sites full of fakes? What do you think?

Do you like swiping first in order to message people?

0 replies 77d ago by Inked
Long ago you could just message whoever you wanted to, now you swipe.

Facebook collusion with Government to censor

0 replies 77d ago by Inked
Big tech censoring on behalf of the Government.

How do you feel about websites requiring your phone number?

0 replies 77d ago by Inked
How do you feel about providing your phone number to websites that ask for it when you join?
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