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KrackChat is a new, free, and unique website for anyone 18 and older.
Meet new people online for new online friends or more, without having to spend money. This site is a return to simpler times, when meeting people online was normal and FREE.
There's no forced liking system, no phone number required to join or even asked for at any point, and you won't get banned for showing some skin.
Join us, it only takes a second!
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Liking Not Required

Most apps now require you to "like" others before you're able to contact them. This is silly and hinders your ability to meet people. They make it even worse by limiting the number of likes you can send per day without coughing up money.

Send unlimited likes

Like (crush) as many people as you want, or crush no one. Your experience isn't based around a mutual-like system. You aren't forced to like or be liked. Crushing can be used to keep a list of people you're into or for flirting.

Unrestricted private chats

Private chat with anyone without restriction, including sending photos and videos.

More Freedom

Apps designed for meeting people are almost always open to anyone 18 and older but tend to be the strictest when it comes what photos you can upload. If you upload photos of Instagram level skin in them you'll quickly get banned. Many apps won't even allow photos if your face isn't them.

Some skin is OK

KrackChat is for people 18 and older, so we're less strict when it comes to showing skin. You won't get banned for nudity if it's non-sexual. Everyone here is an adult.

Personalize Your Profile

Most apps provide you with the ability to change your profile cover image and that's about it when it comes to any kind of personalization, the rest is up to what you write on your profile.

Customize your profile

Standout and show off your personality by customizing your profile with a cover image, background image, colors, Spotify playlists, and more. Save your customizations as a theme and switch between them. Even use other people's themes.

All Is Revealed

We have hundreds of member-created questions you can answer to help others get to know you better. Besides being multiple choice questions, you can also provide a short written messages to further elaborate.

See all question answers

See all answers to the questions others answered. Answers are the best way to get to know someone better. Create questions for others to answer.

See who likes you

Get the entire list of people who like you, completely free.

See who's been stalking you

See who's been checking out your profile, and when.

KrackChat Is a Web App!

We choose to control our own rules and guidelines by remaining independent.
You won't see KrackChat in Google Play or Apply App Store. Both of those stores have far too much control and rules to follow and they selectively enforce them, with well-known apps being mostly immune to them. App store rules and guidelines can be a problem with user-created content as we've run into in the past.

We're In Control

You can install KrackChat from this page, which installs as a web app. This includes an icon, just like any other app on your phone, and you can even enable push notifications.
Since we're not a traditional phone app there's no space taken up on your phone and you're always seeing the latest version of the site with the newest features and fixes.

Privacy Matters

Most apps now require your phone number to join. A phone number is extremely personally identifiable and these companies partner with other companies where they create an information network tracking everything you do. Extremely creepy.

Privacy matters

We don't require (or ask for) your phone number. You may (optionally) provide a birthdate for displaying your age.

Delete sent private messages

Sent a private message you regret sending? Delete it. It deletes both for you and the recipient. If they sent you a message you want gone, delete it. It deletes for you and the sender. Unless you or them screenshot it, it's permanently gone.

No selling of your personal information

Any personal information provided to members via private messaging is private from us. Any personal information that you post on your profile or other public places of the site is seen by everyone. We recommend keeping it in private messages.

No 3rd party ads or trackers

There are no 3rd party ads. As for trackers, we host our own analytics. Embedded YouTube and other third-party videos though have their own trackers that we can't do anything about.

No Paywalls

Meeting people here isn't locked behind paywall. Help us spread the word about the site.